October 2015

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Just as cost is a driving factor in the building construction industry so is time. In fact, time is often valued more than cost. The industry is looking for faster construction without comprising on the quality. Productivity is the goal here - to achieve much in a limited time frame. Meeting this demand is pre-fabricated materials and pre-engineered building. In this edition of the e-newsletter we look at the advantages of pre-fab technology and its success over the world. Architect of great repute, Reza Kabul further expounds on this theme and the technology’s productivity and sustainable factor.

By the Editorial Team

“Time is money”

Benjamin Franklin

Finding more productive methods to accomplish a task has become a 21st century goal. For the building industry, this has resulted in probing the many possibilities with, and success rate of, pre-fabrication technology and its nuances. Over the years, using pre-fab components, especially for interiors, has become a common sight. The technology has evolved in leaps and bounds, and has given us more sophisticated ways to construct and complete a project. The next big thing to take the construction world is most likely to be pre-engineered building – not just individual components but a modular structure itself.

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Is pre-fab impacting the industry significantly?
Reza Kabul, director, ARK Reza Kabul Architects: Pre-fabrication is not an entirely new concept for the Indian architecture and construction segment. Office and commercial buildings have been using pre-fabricated building materials such as wall panels, ceiling panels, plaster boards and flooring systems to create the interiors of their spaces. Pre-fabricated panels and boards are lighter building materials that also reduce the load on the structure. The construction timelines are also shorter with the use of pre-fabricated building materials. Several budget-hotels chains also largely use pre-fabricated building materials, especially pre-constructed washrooms.
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