June 2016

Every ‘meter’ counts

In this month’s newsletter, we expound the many benefits of energy metering and monitoring system – an effective tool to analyse energy consumption in your organisation and improve efficiency in the long run. The focus story provides an in-depth insight into the advantages and features of the system, and how buildings can incorporate it for a smarter execution of their energy needs. Speaking with firsthand experience in our Walk the Talk section is Anil Khar, senior project manager at Cushman & Wakefield, who vouches for the proficiency of such a system and tells us how it has helped their organisation to be energy smart.

By the Editorial Team

June is celebrated as ‘environment’ month with special focus on raising awareness on sustainability and responsible living. Once again we have to ask ourselves if we are doing our very best to be prudent with available resources and are we genuinely working towards a Green future. One way organisations can answer positively is by considering energy metering and monitoring for their campuses, which will enable them to achieve greater energy efficiency and subsequent savings. Metering and sub metering plays a vital role in increasing energy efficiency and non-compliance represents a missed opportunity.

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What encouraged you to consider energy metering and monitoring?
Anil Khar, Senior Project Manager, Cushman & Wakefield: Energy Metering is an important tool for better facility management. The accurate monitoring and recording of energy usage of each equipment provides us a road map for better facility management of the building. Metering each client helps us to bill our customers and generate revenues in an undisputable manner. Also the losses can be tapped and reduced. Cost allocation by measuring the energy consumed at different point on the network helps users gain an opportunity to take ownership of their energy costs at the appropriate level in the organisation. This helps drive behavioural changes and lower costs.
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