February 2016

Innovative Canvas

For the lay person, architecture is invariably associated with the building façade and its ‘attractiveness’. If we want to make a statement or communicate through design, the building exterior becomes the ideal canvas. No wonder, we have seen bold and organic forms being brought to life with old and new materials alike. For the architect, façade needs to be more than attractive – it needs to be climate responsive. It needs to maintain just the right amount of dialogue between the interiors and its surrounding environment. Facades today are functional art pieces drawing people to have a wholesome conversation on what architecture is and what it can do for the city. Our Focus story looks at the trends in this segment, while our Walk the Talk interview with Gaurav Sanghavi of Pentaspace gives us an architect’s perspective on the subject.

By the Editorial Team

Architecture, for the common man, is more often than not, defined by a memory. In this respect, the building façade plays a vital role in shaping the image of the building. From the sturdy timelessness of stone, to the more ethereal façade systems available today, architects continuously explore newer methods of establishing a relation between their iconic endeavours and their immediate environments. Increasingly, they are also important environmental moderators and key influencers in the commercial success of the project.

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How do you identify a good facade?
Gaurav Sanghavi, MD, Pentaspace Consultants: Facade is an envelope that encloses a functional space inside, so the best way to identify a good facade is to ask the people sitting inside the space how comfortable are they with the overall ambience and light quality. From the external side one needs to check if the designed facade is creating any heat islands in the neighbourhood and check glare disturbances in the surrounding. Architecturally it is important to justify the facade design with the context of the project.
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