January 2017


Will we ever get tired of the quote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” – made famous by the Spiderman series? It’s very unlikely ‘cause packed in those six words is a truth that we just cannot ignore. That’s why famous and influential individuals have been compelled to champion causes for the good of the society; and lately an acute awareness of all things Green have found new supporters who are ‘living the cause’ in their homes. From being conceived as luxury havens to embracing the Green tag, celebrity homes seem to be making a move in the right direction. In this issue, we look at trends in Green homes being set by well-known individuals around the world, followed by a case study of a Green-certified celebrity home that is bound to set the ball in motion for Green homes in the country.

More power to Green!

By the Editorial Team

The world is constantly on the look out for inspiring people – those we can emulate in all things good. And in the Green sphere, it is no different. Well-known personalities, those the masses look to, are in a unique position to draw attention to some of the important causes – especially issues related sustainability. Their example, however small or great, could invite an entire generation to live Green and therefore bring out a change we so wish to see. Leading this pack are celebrities and other influential people who are using their resources and talents to pursue sustainable ambitions, whether at home, local community or at a global stage. It’s about time that the focus shifts from luxury and opulence alone but how the good life can also be Green.

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Case Study: The Kohli Residence, situated in Gurgaon, maintains a perfect blend of VastuShastra, passive architecture and Green lifestyle – a design brief set by the proud owners. The project was developed keeping the intention of liveability, modern vision, environmental consciousness and energy optimisation at the forefront. Spread over 450sq-m with G + 2 facilities and a basement, this luxury haven with its effective sustainable measures has been certified Gold by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council)– a success story that is worth imitating for other upcoming projects.
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