August 2016

Looking Eastward

While there is much development buzz going around in western India, we cannot ignore quaint, sunny east that is also at the helm of exponential growth and possibilities. This made us ask: How is Eastern India responding to the call to sustainability? In our focus story this month, we look at the Green potential that is waiting to be unearthed in the east, especially from its upcoming urban developments. We explore policies and initiatives that are paving the path for a sustainable future in cities like Kolkata. Followed by a conversation with son-of-the-soil, BL Chandak, executive director, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, in the Walk the Talk section. Chandak speaks to us about the Green future of eastern India and how organisations like RP-Sanjiv Goenka group are taking initiatives to get Green certifications for their many projects.

All eyes are on Eastern India and we hope Green is on the horizon.

By the Editorial Team

Recently at an event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a statement that probably holds more than a grain of truth. He said that the development of eastern parts of the country is essential for the overall progress of India – and we couldn’t agree more. However, for this development to be holistic and beneficial to the local populace, it has to be intrinsically Green. Eastern India could stand as a sustainable model for the rest of the country to follow, if the urban developments in cities like Kolkata and upcoming new cities in the region adopt exemplary sustainable measures. Given the recent developments in Green policies and also interest from international agencies to partner with the local government, this sustainable future can soon turn into a reality.

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Do you see an increase in Green development in Eastern India?
BL Chandak, executive director, RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group : The concept of Green buildings is the flag-bearer of sustainable development movement in the building sector, and realtors, industries, corporates, educational institutes and businesses in eastern India are taking a call. For example, Primarc Realty has recently initiated Green buildings across MIG and HIG segments in Bengal, with its flagship project Astitva being pre-certified by IGBC as Gold-rated residential building. Also, Godrej Waterside IT Park in Kolkata is IGBC Gold certified Green building. At RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group we have taken up a drive to convert some of our important establishments into certified Green buildings… So, we may conclude that there has been an increase in Green development in Eastern India with more and more awareness and knowledge spreading (in the region).
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