August 2015

Clean & Bright Future

All major countries, developing and developed, have one energy goal: switching to clean and renewable energy sources in the immediate future. Meeting this ambitious but necessary goal will need collaboration at every level: from the government, organisations and individuals. Harnessing renewable energy resources, making its adaption economical and viable will pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow. In this month’s Focus story, we look at the road ahead in realising this future and the successful models that we can imitate. Energy analyst Jayesh Vira talks to us about the future of energy efficiency and debunks myths associated with clean energy.

By the Editorial Team

"To transform the economy…we need to make clean energy the profitable kind of energy."

Barack Obama

The last couple of weeks we have seen some key news reports expounding on Clean energy with governments around the world taking a keen interest in this direction. Closer home, Indian railways announced its intention to explore alternative energy and their plan to install 1,000 Mega Watt Solar power in the next five years. Such positive updates give a lot of hope for the sustainable future we all desire for our country. The future of energy and energy efficiency is dependent on how well we develop and integrate Clean energy in our projects; and how open we are to address the challenges, both economical and structural, to make this future possible.

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According to you, what is the future of energy efficiency?
Jayesh Vira, chief manager, GBCS: Future of energy would be mainly concentrated on conservation of energy and use of clean energy. The cost of fuel and other natural resources are rising due to its limited availability. These resources are depleting fast and new resources or alternative sources of energy are either not viable or technologically not proven. Our demand-supply gap is ever increasing and hence the first and foremost strategy for the future would be energy conservation. Use available means to reduce the energy consumption and/or usage. Use energy efficient technologies and equipment in place of the conventional ones. The operating procedures and regular health check-ups of equipment will further enhance the efficiencies.
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