April 2016


While new building projects have to consider sustainable initiatives as integral to its design and construction, existing buildings cannot evade the call to Green living. Now more than ever when we have access to technology and interventions that help reduce the environmental damages caused by structures and its occupants, it is crucial for building managements to assess and implement sustainable measures. And this is exactly what we witness in our current issue where we detail the transformation of L&T’s Tech Tower 1 to a Green certified building and how it has improved occupants’ comfort and health. L&T’s Anand Mahajani walks us through the process of identifying sustainable goals for an existing building and how it impacts the functioning of the building in the long run.

By the Editorial Team

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With the wealth of information at our hand, especially when it comes to sustainability, ignorance cannot be bliss. As the Maya Angelou quote expounds, once we know how to do something better we should do things better – and that’s apt for existing buildings where sustainable interventions are the need of the hour. And this was the motivation for the team at L&T as they decided to gauge how their Mumbai headquarters, Tech Tower 1, was performing and identify improvements. Together with Godrej Green Building Consultancy Services they set out to give this eight-year-old building a new lease of (Green) life.

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What was the motivation behind transforming L&T’s existing building into a Green building?
Anand Mahajani, Head Sustainability, CSR, L&T Infotech: Sustainability has always been an integral part of L&T’s operations and project execution. Over the years, the company has emerged as one of the leading contributors towards sustainability by implementing several sustainable measures at many of its projects, (with an intention) to preserve and sustain the future of life on planet earth. Tech Tower 1 is headquarters for L&T Infotech at Mumbai. After eight years of operation, it was important to understand how the building is performing. As standards are evolving, it was necessary for existing buildings like these to benchmark the performance and identify the opportunities for continuous improvement.
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