May 2015

It takes two

‘Down to Earth’ is an initiative to explore ideas on contemporary architetcure and design from a sustainable lens. In its first edition, we discuss the merger of two powerful elements: vernacular traditions and technology. To be sustainable in modern times means making the best of the past while embracing the future without any reservation. Elaborating on this viewpoint is Sonali Rastogi of Morphogenesis in our ‘Walk the Talk’ interview. Rastogi manages to inspire us with her words and work.

We hope the first edition of our e-newsletter inspires you just the same.

By the Editorial Team

“The complex and ambiguous relationship between man and nature is central to Indian architecture.”

Charles Correa

The desire to be truly sustainable probes us to explore the wisdom of the past and the unlimited potential of the present. Tradition and technology are no longer considered to be in opposition, but bringing the two together allows for a sense of continuity while still embracing change. When we fuse the two, we have an advantage like no other and the opportunity to create spectacular architecture. It is the merger of the vernacular with the futuristic that will define the architecture of our times.

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How important is tradition and technology for a sustainable design?
Sonali Rastogi, Founding Partner, Morphogenesis: Extremely important! Ancient architecture was always sustainable, not because they were trying to save the planet, but simply because they did not have the resources to achieve comfort conditions. For example, in hot and composite climates, buildings traditionally adopted passive design features such as verandahs, courtyards, evaporative cooling through step wells, high thermal mass, high ceilings, etc to achieve thermal comfort. Similar examples can be found from vernacular architecture from all climatic zones.
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